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R 129 900

phone +27 10 312 6121
Book a test drive in this CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C
Engine specification
Engine specification
2009 NISSAN CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C for sale in Kempton Park
Warranties available on request
Buy & Own this CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C for R129 900
Engine displacement 3153
Car insurance available
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Engine specification
2009 NISSAN CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C for sale in Kempton Park
Book a test drive in this CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C
Structured finance available
Torque is rated at
CABSTAR 20 F/C D/C has 4 doors
Power/ kW is rated at 70

Dear valued client: At Best Deal Auto we strive to deliver service excellence, we strive to offer you the Best vehicles of the highest quality at the Best possible price. Our Friendly, Dedicated Super Sales Executives will work for you. They will Go Above and Beyond to not only meet your expectations but EXCEED them. We would also like to inform you that all our vehicles are deep cleansed and sanitized weekly. Our sales executives will meet you at our dealership, scan your temperature, sanitize your hands and take you thru our showroom stock. All door handles, gear knobs and steering wheels are also sanitized for your safety and protection. Please also note that we have partnered with our banks to offer you quick and easy finance in the comfort of your own home, YOU CAN APPLY ONLINE ON OUR WEBSITE We also deliver nationwide. We invite you to come and visit our Showroom on the Corner of Dann & Trig Roads, Glen Marais, Kempton Park for a obligation free test drive, please ensure a booking is made. We also offer M-Sure extended warranties on all our vehicles. BEST DEAL AUTO WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADVISE YOU OUR VALUED CLIENTS THAT WE ARE GIVING BACK AND THAT IN THESE TOUGH TIMES WE ARE SPONSERING A FOOD PARCEL TO A FAMILY IN NEED FOR EVERY VEHICLE SOLD. We also accept trade ins and will pay top prices for clean full-service history vehicles. We also do Park and Sell thus ensuring you get the most for your vehicle, TRY US TODAY!!

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Installment* R3 111
Months 48
Interest rate 7.00%
Deposit 0%

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